I would like to propose adding a short....but fun....race to the schedule to engage returning division podium winners from the prior year Nationals. It would work like this:

--Open only to returning 2nd and 3rd place medalists from divisions in prior year Nationals. (Division winners had their fun at Race of Champions last year)
--One GS run only, using your handicap from prior year Nationals
--Men, women, kids all compete together using adjusted times (no raw times)
--Run event right after slalom finishes on Wednesday on Julia's Gold start position A.
--Maybe prizes for best helmet design, oldest race suit, most interesting race line, most finish line supporters....etc

Make it a big kickoff for the remaining week's activities. Music (live band not needed) at the start and finish, an entertaining person as emcee walking around chatting everyone up and commenting on the competitors...maybe food vendors etc. A fun casual get together rooting for your favorite skier. Should be able to find a sponsor for the race as well.

This will be a fun race setting the tone for the rest of the week.