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Thread: New Qualifying Rule Results

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    New Qualifying Rule Results

    Here are results of Racers that raced and were eligible to move down two divisions

    Racer 2017 Start/Finish 2018 Division Place 2018 Handicap

    1 Platinum/Bronze Bronze 1st Silver

    2 Platinum/Silver Silver 1st Silver(.16 off Gold)

    3 Gold/Bronze Bronze 1st Silver

    4 Platinum/Silver Silver 2nd Bronze

    5 Gold/Bronze Silver 3rd Silver

    6 Gold/Bronze Silver 5th Silver

    7 Platinum/Bronze Silver 4th Bronze

    8 Gold/Bronze Platinum 1st Silver(Only Racer)

    9 Gold/Bronze Platinum DSQ-Fri

    Racers moving down two or more divisions

    100% Podium

    75% First

    25% Second
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