I was in the Race of Champions on Saturday 3/24/2018 skiing on Atomic GS-D2 174 cm and took them off at the race start and laid them on the snow next to the snow fence. I watched the Pacesetters and half of the women go down the course. I then went to find my skis, but they were no where to be found. Very close to where I left my skis was a pair of Atomic Redsters 169 cm. Getting desperate, I stepped into the bindings and found the bindings fit perfect! One of two things crossed my mind. 1 - a women had put on my skis by accident and ran the course. 2 - someone not in the Race of Champions traded their skis for my skis - as in stolen. I talked with the 'Race Starter', he radioed down to the race finish and PA announcements where made for racers to check to see if they had their own skis and not mine - no responses. So, if anyone had anything to contribute, let me know. I have filed a police report with the Placer County Sherriff and will file a claim with my insurance company. This was my 20th year at the Nationals and a first for having my equipment stolen since I started skiing in 1965.