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Thread: Cries for Change in American Alpine Skiing

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    Exclamation Cries for Change in American Alpine Skiing

    Wow!! Read this article.....


    Comments and thoughts appreciated.

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    I agree with Dan Leever that college skiing has to be incorporated more in the USST development pipeline. In the article there is a related link that has Mr. Leever discussing college skiing in more depth. He acknowledges that non-Americans often are a high percentage of the top of the pyramid (taking scholarships from US racers). However, he does not think this is a negative for developing US athletes, and he does not want to see the level of competition lessened by excluding foreign athletes. Given that some athletes develop later than others, one solution would be to offer more skiing scholarships to US athletes. Also, the NCAA's involvement complicates the participation of coaches and student athletes. The participation and eligibility rules (developed for the major revenue sports) have to be loosened for skiing. Finally, NASTAR was mentioned just once (and only in the comments by Jodi Peterson) who wanted it freely offered at all resorts. While this might lower the barrier and expense to participation and increase the interest in ski racing, I just don't see how resort race departments could maintain such an effort and expense without the income.

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