Greetings from Squaw Valley! Last time I was here was three years ago and there was very little snow. Today the mountain is buried following a couple of monster dumps and we're expecting a lot more from Wednesday night through Thursday. Here's a photo of the front balcony of our condo. That snow is five feet deep!

My first trip to the Nationals was Park City in 2004 and my attendance has been pretty steady with the following exceptions. In 2007 I canceled the trip because of broken ribs. In 2014 I broke my leg but got crutches with spikes and attended as a photographer. And last year I managed to break my collarbone three weeks before the event. I couldn't risk hitting gates so I only entered as a snowboarder. I'm healthy this year and will be competing in the Snowboard Division and the Platinum Division on skis. Saturday's logistics will be challenging as I have to be in two places at once......

Our three oldest grandsons all made the podium last year (the five year old won skiing and boarding) and they are back to race again this year.

Today is a free skiing day and I'll likely try the local NASTAR course. I'd like to add a Squaw Valley NASTAR pin to my hat.

Wednesday is the start of the competion and I'll be racing the slalom on my snowboard.

Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!!