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Thread: Kudos and a HUGE shout out to Seven Springs NASTAR!!!

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    Kudos and a HUGE shout out to Seven Springs NASTAR!!!

    In my 2017-18 season long quest to ski as many different NASTAR resorts as possible, yesterday (Friday, Feb 2) I travelled to Seven Springs Resort in western PA, as they have been running Friday NASTAR all season. I had called a day ahead as I usually do, to make sure they would be running, and was assured by their NASTAR race director, Jace Pasquale to come on down, as they would be set up.

    So I made the 5 1/2 hour drive down, but as I got closer to the resort, the weather started looking bad - a heavy fog/cloud bank had enveloped the entire Ohio valley region, along with gusty winds and blowing snow. I forged ahead to the resort anyway, and checking in at the snowpsorts school desk upon arrival, I was assured that Jace had called in her NASTAR team and was setting up, in spite of the bad weather. So I bought a lift ticket, geared up, and forged out to the race arena - which was almost impossible to find, due to almost zero visibility on the mountain.

    Finally arriving at the race hut, I saw several pairs of skis stacked outside, but no gates or timing gear set up - not a good sign for my race day. Peeking inside the starting hut, I found the entire Seven Springs NASTAR race crew, huddled in the hut, in the cold, basically waiting for me! They explained that they probably would have cancelled for the day, but they knew I was coming so they came in; but it didn't look good for setting a course, due to the poor visibility. However, they agreed to wait it out for as long as I wanted, to see if the weather cleared. We had a nice conversation about all things NASTAR, and after about a half an hour, the visibility improved, at least enough so the crew said, "we can do this, let's go!"

    A strong gusty headwind was still blowing right up the course, and many snow drifts littered the racing area, including the start ramp, but the crew did a magnificent job of clearing it all off enough to race; they set a course, and we ran a race! Did I mention that it was 5 degrees out during this entire set up process? And they all did it very enthusiastically and happily. They were thrilled that I wanted to race at Seven Springs, impressed that I had traveled so far, and we're bound and determined to do everything in their power to pull off a race for me. As they told me, "we are very proud of our customer service - we want it to be exceptional, and will try to do whatever it takes to please our customers!" And boy are the correct!

    On a day when it would have been very easy to pack it in, and say "sorry, just ain't gonna happen" they went far beyond the proverbial extra mile, all to make sure I could get a race in there. So huge kudos to the entire race crew at Seven Springs: Jace Pasquale, race director and huge NASTAR enthusiast; Mike Andras, their chief of race and pacesetter - the fastest 65+ year old I know; Robin Reihner, their super friendly starter, Tom Hubbell in the finish shack, and Russ Stull - running the snowmobile and doing course maintenance....... ....they really are what the spirit of NASTAR racing is all about - they are enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed to NASTAR - HQ, you should be very proud of them - they are great ambassadors for NASTAR. They certainly made me one very happy racer, and they have my never ending gratitude and thanks for all their efforts.

    Seven Springs NASTAR - you get an A++ in my book, sit at the top of the list of NASTAR resorts, and I look forward to returning again. Jace and crew - thank you again so much - it is truly appreciated!
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    Always great to hear stories like this. Kudos to Seven Springs!
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