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Thread: NASTAR Golden anniversary - first NASTAR experience

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    My NASTAR racing career began in 1971 at Timberlee Village near Traverse City, MI. Timberlee has been closed for many years now. I still have my gold pin from that race. Back then your results were posted in the lodge but then the resort mailed in the results to NASTAR HQ and you received your pin in the US mail. Ahhh, the joys of modern technology. Karl

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    I was just looking at some old photos, and I saw several dated April 1972 where I was wearing a bright orange windbreaker with the NASTAR logo (the patch looks to be green and yellow) on the left sleeve. The photos were taken while on spring break at Jackson Hole. I don't recall how I won/earned the windbreaker. Perhaps it was awarded for a certain level of achievement or maybe just for the number of runs taken in a season. It was 45 years ago and that's a long time in skier years.

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    My first recollection of doing NASTAR was making a couple of runs at Schuss Mountain in Michigan back in the late 90's, while up skiing with family. Back then, skiing was only a once or twice a year adventure with family and friends - very casual, more for the family comaradierie than the skiing. No race gear, no race skis, just want to see what it felt like to ski through gates "like they do in the Olympics". Recall that I got a silver medal, and thought "not too bad, this was kind of fun". But never jumped back in.

    Then a few years later, our family went skiing at Mt Holly on a fateful Saturday afternoon, and the kids wanted to try "skiing through those gates over there" - so we signed up for NASTAR- this was back in the days when NASTAR had just re-organized with the new software, etc, and we came along at just the right time, so we all ended up with single digit NASTAR numbers - we raced that afternoon, got silver and bronze medals as I recall, and a week later my oldest daughter, who was a freshman in high school at the time, told me she want to try that ski racing thing more seriously -she'd just been cut from the volleyball team tryouts, and was looking for something fun to do in the winter - so I signed her up for race training at Mt Brighton, and figured since I was going to be driving her out there anyway, I might as well sign myself, and learn to race too.

    Well, fast forward 18 years - three daughters who all went through the Mt Brighton race training program (along with Dad, who is still doing it!); all three girls raced at the University of Michigan; six NASTAR National Championships - multiple podiums, including our oldest daughter being crowned Women's NASTAR National Champion at Park City in 2005; more miles on the road, spending priceless hours in the car with the girls, and more NASTAR race runs over those years than I could possibly count. The girls quit racing after college, mostly to get married and start raising kids, but they all are still skiing, which is the important thing. I figure once their kids are old enough to ski, Grandpa will get them some race gear, get them in the gates, and the girls will come back too.

    And as IN.racer said in his post, I too have the NASTAR racing bug bad. IN.racer and I met at a race camp at Snowbasin before Nationals in 2005, became friends a year later while racing NASTAR at Boyne Highlands, and since have become fast friends, trading emails and video of racing, talking tips and technique, and generally feeding our ski racing fix. Together and separately, we have traveled across the country, from Maryland to Colorado, Utah and California, from the upper peninsula of Michigan, to the southern tip of Indiana, just to race NASTAR. He has become an amazing friend to share this passion with.

    Between the girls and I, I think we're at over 50 pairs of race skis (and counting) over the years - and I don't even want to add up the tens of thousands of $$ - and I do mean many, many tens of thousands - to travel and race this crazy sport - but to me, it's been worth every penny. The memories with the girls is, as the credit card commercial says, are "priceless"! Counting them all up, I think we've raced at over 40 NASTAR venues over the years, some that are no longer even there.

    Pushing age 60 (next summer) I still have just as much passsion for racing as I did when I first started racing NASTAR 18 years ago (my wife thinks even more so - "crazy" as she puts it). Regularly getting up at 4:30 am to watch live timing of World Cup (just did it yesterday for the ladies in St Moritz), and we just attended our first ever World Cup event at the Birds of Prey at Beaver Creek last weekend - what a great trip that was, deserving of it's own post (separately).

    I've been an off and on pacesetter over the years thanks to the Bear and Bill Madsen (another amazing person I've met through the NASTAR adventure) - in fact, I'm planning on doing trials at Mt Holly in two weeks.

    But the best part for me is that I have met some just incredible people through the years - Mike Horton (aka The Bear), Bill M, Pat Moore, Russ, Steph, Mike P and the whole OVSC gang, the Boyne Mountain/MACC gang, Alex from Perfect North, Jamie C from Marquette Mt, and of course our coaches through the years at Mt Brighton - Matt T, Kurt B, Cris C, and lately, Brian L - great people all.

    It's just amazing how one fateful afternoon, deciding to sign up and run gates with your kids, "just for fun, let's try it" can, and in my case did, totally transform your life.

    And no regrets at all. It's been a great ride, one I hope to continue til my body says "enough"!
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    Great recap, Racer X! Like you, our family has three generations of skiers. At last year's Nationals in the Family Race, my son-in-law took 7th out of 149 racers behind Eric Schloppy and AJ Kitt with a 9.4 HC. All three of the gransons made the podium with the five year old winning both skiing and boarding. We've already booked a condo for Squaw Valley. Hope to see you there!

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