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Thread: Knee replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patmoore View Post
    Yep. May 16th. I guess I experienced a case of Cranial Flatulence....

    I haven't had a pain pill in over 24 hours. Getting the staples out on Wednesday.
    When the doctor took off my bandages in the hospital I was upset. There were no stitches or staples they glued it together. I told him all the staples and stitches I have taken out myself I was sort of looking forward to this set.
    Of course being an engineering type I asked him a question which no one had asked him in the 20 years he had been doing this. What size hammer did you pound the parts in with. He had to check because he did not know 1lb hammer.....

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    It's been two weeks since the TKR. The staples are gone, I'm done with crutches, canes, etc., and I'm back to driving. It seemed like a shame to let the borrowed walker go to waste so I devised a new use for it to rebuild the quads and abs. Can't wait for next ski/snowboard season!!! Check out the short video I put together.

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