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Thread: Formatting text in the Forum and upgrade info

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    Formatting text in the Forum and upgrade info

    Hi folks -

    I had a discussion with one of USSA's techies while I was at Steamboat. He is aware that this version of Forum software leaves a lot to be desired and a more robust version is slated to be rolled out this summer. In the meantime, you won't be able to create hyperlinks. For uploading images, I'm suggesting that you use a free hosting service like picturetrail.com. Upload your image and they will create the code you need to insert.

    One of the more annoying issues right now is the lack of paragraphing. All your sentences run together. I was able to avoid that issue in this post by employing the following:

    If you edit your post, you'll have to reinsert those characters.

    Another thorny issue is dealing with the spammers. At present, new registrants have to be added manually but that's not an ideal solution. The new software should have a human-interface component that will allow JT Bear or myself to verify the identity of the individual before granting them access to the forum.
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    Good stuff Patrick. I'm excited to see the new code. Let me know if we can get any access to a Beta Version for Admin Testing, or will they simply upgrade to the production system?

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