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Thread: Individual Videos available from 2017 Nationals

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    Individual Videos available from 2017 Nationals

    Just saw that individual videos are available on Nastar.com from the 2017 Nationals. Not every race was covered but most everyone was caught on camera at least once.

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    Thanks for the notice. I would have missed this gem. I was able to link my son's run in the R-O-C to Facebook

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    I stumbled upon the videos by accident while browsing the Nastar website. I sent an email to Nastar Support and within a couple of hours they brought it to the front of the webpage. Great Work Nastar Team!!!!!

    The videos are great......I thought I did pretty well last year, but after viewing my video......well lets just say there is a lot of room for improvement......but now I know what I need to focus on ......

    i would love to have these videos done every year at the Nationals. A few years back at Winter Park, videos of every run that every racer made was put on a site called Sprongo. It would be really cool if Nastar found a sponsor to support video of every run to be posted on the Nastar website after the Nationals each year.

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    Thanks for spotting that! There's a video of my grandson who just turned 5 in the Race of Champions. http://bit.ly/2eOTI4s
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    Thanks for posting Monpick. It was a very humbling time to watch my form...... Ouch!! That said, there's always opportunity for improvement.
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