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Thread: Does a Race with no handicap and no Par Time affect the results?

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    Does a Race with no handicap and no Par Time affect the results?

    Local race results for more than 2 months have had a duplicate race in them. Basically the previous weeks results were uploaded for the date of the actual race and then again the following weekend. Every time I mentioned that they needed to get that fixed, I was told there is no handicap and no par time so it does not affect anything. So if you look at the race results- the handicaps are 999 all the way across every racer. Just because it is in there- I contend that it could influence things like State and National Rankings if their are a need for 5 days of racing or averaging of the 3 races etc. until you would have more than 3 results with actual par time, etc.So what say the Nastar experts out there, should this affect anyone's rankings or standings?

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    Not sure if it'll impact rankings, etc but it's not a difficult problem to fix. An email to Bill will remove it quickly.
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