Hello Fellow Racers! I have a question for everyone regarding rules and a safety issue, and would appreciate the feedback.

As Nationals approaches, excitement fills the air. With each season, I reflect on last year’s accomplishments and set new goals for another season.
The highlight of course is Nationals and something we all work hard for, with lots of training and practice. Last year, I managed to accomplish my goal of chiseling down my HC and racing in a higher division, Silver for me. I got to compete with a couple of long time friends, along with a lady I’ve never met. I was chasing one of my friends all weekend, as usual, she was in 1st and I was in 2nd place for 3 of the 4 runs over the 2 days. I was ahead of the new lady in 3rd position by over a second and a half, until that fateful 4th run. She ran just after me, so I got to watch her go through the finish, and then my heart sank. As she approached the Finish, she reached out with the tip of her pole leading (not the hand first, the Tip) to trip the wand before her hand or skis went through. Well, I was ready to throw up at that point, she barely caught me. To see my season end on a cheap cheesy Beer League trick at a Nationals Venue was quite nauseating. And if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the woman had the nerve to “flaunt and taunt” me several times at the Awards ceremony by waving the Silver in my face, which further indicated her lack of character and integrity as a racer with unsportsmanlike conduct. I just kept walking away, but it was disgusting, and fellow racers don’t deserve that kind of treatment.

Now, I know that we are on an Honor system in NASTAR Racing, the Sandbagging issue was quite a heated debate for years, and we are supposed to police ourselves. Fortunately, Bill Madsen came up with the Bump Rule, a brilliant solution to solve Sandbagging issues, making things fair and keeping racers honest. Now just when I thought I’d seen everything racing at Nationals since 1999, I’d never seen anyone try the Cheap Cheese Pole Beer League move, because that is an integrity issue. I’ve watched Olympics and World Cup Races for decades and the Pros don’t do it either, they always go through the Finish fist first. Geez, ya think SAFETY is a major factor here! Many years ago at our Local Resort, a lady pulled that stunt, caught a tip and jammed herself in the chest with her pole handle. Well, our Race Director bolted out of the Finish shack and royally chewed her out, and pointed out the safety factor. Then at another Local resort, my hubby saw a guy pull the same stunt, and he knocked out a few teeth.

So, my fellow racers, I’d like to get everyone’s input on whether this stunt is considered a “legal” move in a Nationals venue, or is there a rule against it? If not, should there be Rule to outlaw it, specifically as a safety factor? If this stunt is allowed and racers do this regularly, then there’s a greater risk for injuries during Nationals, course holds, delays, and EMT ski patrol being inconvenienced for stupidity in the racecourse. Now that NASTAR is part of USSA, will the same rules apply, and be enforced? If so, will the rules be posted at the NASTAR website so Racers know what is expected?
Thanks for feedback, be safe, and Happy Racing everyone!