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  • Yes, without a doubt and thanks to Nastar's Website and Bode Miller!

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  • Yes, because of new equipment AND the new two foot technique!

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  • Yes, only because of the success of the US SKI TEAM

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  • Nah, same old, same old. Areas just don't care about ski racing.

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    Oops, forgot...

    Spend a LARGE chunk of your budget on boots that really, really, really fit! Ask around to find the best boot fitter in your area, and be honest with him/her about your current ability and future aspirations. Plan on spending around 2 hours on your initial selection and fitting, and don't be afraid to go back. Get them TIGHT, but not hurting, because the liners will pack out, and if they're not tight to start with, they will end up WAY too big. Also ask about custom footbeds, especially if you get any "hot spots", or regularly get cold feet, or sore ankle bones. Boots are WAY more important than skis!!! A bad boot or boot fit will ruin any chance you have of communicating with your awesome new skis! :(

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    Height 5' 11\" about 225lbs. Intermediate skier who cuts more on the back of the ski to control speed in free style. Have raced Nastar with Elan 158CM and 178cm, and 188cm rentals so probably all mountian ski's.
    Ok, probably about a 175 supercross by atomic would be a good choice, if you want to ski all mountain. Volkl's are nice but damned expensive, stolki might be a brand you should consider, as their race gs is affordable, skiable all mountain, and damned fast in the course, from what i have heard and seen off people skiing on them. GL and post again if you have any more questions.

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    Thanks Snowmass59, Skidude, and Volklgirl. The info was really helpful.

    Have to agree with Volklgirl on the boots as the rentals are either loose or crushing. So I either ski all morning in comfort with no control in the race or ski in ultra tight boots and have sore feet by the time racing starts in the afternoon.

    I will probably go with a more balanced ski as I typically hit the slopes at 8:30am ski all the runs until 2:30pm do the two Nastar runs and head for home around 4:00pm. I noticed some of the other racers ski all morning on one set of ski's and switch over at lunch time to thier racing ski's and body suits etc. I am not that hard core yet.

    I have set my goal at sub 29secs for next season. Quite frankly, I don't get the HC. I had my fastest time on the run last week while other racers posted slower times than the previous week. I expected my HC to go down but it went up over 60? I did read the other posts so I know it has somthing to do with the pace setter conditions etc. I will worry about all that when I get to a point it matters. You think your good until you get on that clock.

    Thanks again very helpful website. I will post if I run into any trouble deciding.

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    Yeah either pay to demo or wait for a demo day. They are good because you can usually get 3-5 compainies with different skis.
    ^^Check it out^^

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