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Thread: What's the best/worst part of skiing? U Tell ME!

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    What's the best/worst part of skiing? U Tell ME!

    Worst: Driving through a storm to get to the resort
    Best: Getting there to find the parking lot empty

    Worst: Putting on my boots
    Best: Taking off my boots

    Worst: stuck in traffic getting to the resort
    Best: Being AT the resort when everyone is stuck in traffic

    Worst: no seats in the lodge at lunch
    Best: skiing through lunch

    Worst: Taking $5 out of your pocket at the top of the gates
    Best: All day Nastar for $5

    Best: No lift lines
    Worst: Realizing that the new 12-pack lift has everyone off the lift and on the trail at the SAME TIME

    Worst: Saturdays anywhere
    Best: Monday thru Thursday ANYWHERE

    Worst: Poma lifts (remember them?)
    Best: Poma lifts

    Best: that great 10' lip on the trail
    Worst: 15 Fraidy cats all standing on the top of that same lip looking at 10 yard sales immediately below the lip.

    Worst: Falling asleep by 9pm
    Best: Waking up at 6 am

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    Re: What's the best/worst part of skiing? U Tell ME!

    Originally posted by Tarkulich
    Worst: Poma lifts (remember them?)
    Best: Poma lifts
    You lost me on that one. Are there 2 types of poma lifts?

    Worst some random person wonders onto the race corse in the middle of your run.
    Best You yell and watch them try and get off before your skis slam them.
    ^^Check it out^^

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