Hope every one has a good summer. What are your plans?

We'll be attending the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC in a few weeks to see "14 Minutes From Earth" which chronicles the record breaking jump of Alan Eustace. His sister had asked me to do a drawing of Alan a while ago. Here's a composite with Joe Kittinger and Felix Baumgartner. Maybe I can get Alan to sign a copy. I gave Joe the original of a drawing I had done of Felix and him and i got to meet Felix at the Today Show just after his record breaking jump 3 1/2 years ago.

Then we're heading for Charleston, SC for a family reunion and to see my folks - ages 95 and 96.

In July Penny and I are flying to Munich and will spend 18 days driving around Europe before taking a week long cruise on the Danube from Nuremberg to Budapest.

I'll be working part time at Okemo Valley Golf Course this summer and trying to get my handicap back down to where it used to be.

Before you know it, the next NASTAR season will be here.

What will keep you busy in the upcoming months?