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Thread: Masters

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    You got the Gold from NASTAR. You probably received the USSA newsletter and were invited to join Masters and other USSA programs. How many of you have joined or will join now that you have the race bug?

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    Where its too warm and flat :(
    I joined last year but not b/c of Nastar.
    ^^Check it out^^

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    age thing for me, but you can bet i will join soon as i hit 21.

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    Originally posted by snowmass59
    age thing for me, but you can bet i will join soon as i hit 21.
    I don't know if I will ever get the opportunity...But I will sure that takes money...<who has money?

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    Nastar and Masters

    I can't tell you how much grief I get for racing Nastar at our area. I was voted last year's "Nastar Bully" but I love to "Bully Up"! Nastar reminds me of the old pro courses I used to run and since that was my background in the 80's I excel at the format (licking my wounds from each Masters race). The other Master wannabe bullies have trouble catching me. Then I get out on the "big" courses and I'm still in the process of getting back up the ladder (I'm in my third season back since racing Farwest Masters in the late '80's).

    Masters, at least at the Intermountain, IS NOT for the average Nastar racer. At Park City we run our GS' on CB's, probably one of the scariest hills anywhere. If anybody doubts it, they didn't even use CB's for the Maters Nationals last year. Come on out and run with us - if you dare :twisted:

    Masters takes a much greater level of commitment and insanity to truly compete and to make the long treks to follow the circuit. For those that want to get an idea of what the World Cup guys are doing, join your local Masters region and get out there and try it. I bet for most you it will be an extremely humbling experience.

    If you are not a proficient carver and if your region is anything like the Intermountain - best stay away, it truly can be dangerous.

    So, for all you Master racers, join me and bully-up! Oh yeah, the guy who had the best time at the Nastar's Sunday Championships was Bill Skinner, a Men's 5 Master Racer out of Park City (of course he is almost always top 5 overall at all our races, old guys can still turn 'em, he is living breathing proof).

    Bill, how will you ever live that down!!! You BIG BULLY!

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