My name is Peter Timkey and this is my first year running the NASTAR program at Holiday Valley. Anybody here ski the Valley? I welcome your comments and suggestions. I have worked at the ski area for 24 years but NASTAR is still one department I have not worked in yet, until now. The area has asked me to give NASTAR some new life and excitment, so let's get this party started!!! PT

From time to time I will edit this lead post. General Information only.

Hours of operation is every day from 12:30-4:00 PM except Wednsdays we are upen until 7:30 PM. CLOSED Mondays and Tuesdays, (open Dec 27 and 28th). Closed dates are posted below. Please call me direct for updates.

Peter Timkey
Home 716-599-2475
Cell 716-664-1072
Holiday Valley 716-699-2345 ext 4414 or ask for NASTAR finish.

Here are some dates that Nastar is CLOSED:
Jan 8&9 (SAT SUN) Cleveland Metro (closed)
Feb 13th (SUN) Mountain Dew Challenge (open)
March 5th (SAT) Cleveland Metro (closed)
March 19th (sAT) Gun's and Hoses (open to snowmakers)

I want to be avalible 24/7 for NASTAR updates, don't be afraid to call me personally. This is our thread and I promise to update it nearly every day. SIRIUS racrs call always skip the ski area and talk to Uncle Pete direct. Are you IN???????