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Thread: 2015 Nastar Midwest Championship

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    2015 Nastar Midwest Championship

    Just wanted to post that Nastar HQ and Welch Village hosted another great Midwest Championship this year. I left right after the my ROC run this morning but the team racing was this afternoon and slalom is tomorrow so its still going on. I really enjoyed the racing yesterday (Saturday) and the ROC this morning (even though I am getting slower with age....). I left before the women's ROC was finished because the drive back to Chicago is long and I have to work tomorrow.

    The Lookout run at Welch is perfect for a regional championship event and the staff really do a great job. The run is perfect for racing and the courses were set up really well.

    The only downside was mother nature, the temperatures were absolutely freezing. Zero to three degrees at race time with about -18 wind chills. Oh well, not much you can do about loving an outdoor winter sport!

    Kudos to Nastar HQ and Welch for hosting another great event! I have been to all five Midwest Opens/Championships and hope to keep my streak going next year.


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    I was only there on Saturday and took off pretty soon after the races. The 20MPH uphill wind was all sorts of fun, but a kind soul took my jacket down for me both runs so that I didn't have to suffer on the chairlift.

    The courses held up really well - not a ton of people on them but they were frozen good. I had a couple really marginal performances, but finished both runs.

    I'd have liked to stick around for the food and door prizes, but scheduling it on Valentines day was not the brightest idea.

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