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Thread: par times

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    par times

    I have noticed that at Afton Alps that there is a skier that has been beating par times on several occasions . I thought that you were not allowed to do this and the race would be refigured. This has happened at Nubs in the past and the race was refigured. Nastar should look in to this to see why he is beating par times. The pacesetter going to slow?

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    I'll alert Bill and he'll adjust such that this racer is not beating par.
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    Great Banana, This does not necessarily mean that the pace setter is too slow. The handicap system is the best thing we have to help determine the relative pace of each competing individual. When a few rock stars get into some of our Nastar course's, reality can set in as we all stand by and watch them rip it up. Buck Hill has Matt Strand fresh off the U.S. Ski team sometimes running negative 2 handicap points on Sunday nights. Nastar will typically receive this information and set it back slightly above 0. As a club we find that we really can't re-adjust every ones handicap based on this individual. When the pacesetters go to trials here in the Midwest and run against A.J. Kitt we all do what we can to get it the best we can. Sometimes further adjustments need to be made. There will always be an eb and flow to the year as it relates to these handicaps. Snow conditions are a big part of it.

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