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Thread: What skis to buy

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    What skis to buy

    I am looking to buy my wife new skis for this season. I don't know what would be the best brand and length to get her for NASTAR Racing. She's 5ft 5 in and skis usually in the Silver Medal level. Anybody have any suggestions??

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    At a silver level of racing, any good all around ski would be fine - just keep them sharp and waxed. Heck, even at a gold/platinum level of racing I've been using a set of Fischer Progressors for the last 3 years.

    Best bet would be to get her out somewhere that she can demo a few skis to see what feels best to her. At 5ft 5 she is likely looking at something in the mid 150's for length.

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    The thing to keep in mind when buying new skis for the wife is the waist width (the ski, not hers!). Today's all mountain skis are 90mm and up. Not the tool to be Nastar racing on. If you're looking for a good do-it-all ski, go with a mid to upper level carving ski (aka front side), 72 to 76mm underfoot, 155cm long or so, maybe 160. If she is really really into Nastar, you need a two ski quiver. Many good brands fit the bill. It depends on what your budget is. EVO.com has lots.
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    if the ski is specifically for nastar, a recreation level slalom ski would work great for teaching her to carve, and also give her enough control in the gates to have fun. Atomic sl-9, rossi 9sl, possibly a junior GS ski in 165ish range.

    if its her only ski, then as stated above a carving ski. Some older models i liked for lighter skiers were the atomic sx-9/10/11 (between gs/sl sidecut), and the head i.supershape models are nice but may be a tad stiff for her.

    The main thing is to get her carving and get her to love skiing gates! good luck!

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