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Thread: Skier's Edge

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    Skier's Edge

    Sadly, another ski season is coming to an end. Even more sad, for me, I've not been doing as much skiing as I'd like to since I've moved from the UP. I'm looking into purchasing a Skier's Edge machine to help get myself back into shape, my gf is not convinced round is an acceptable shape for me. Does anyone have any experience with this machine? I've found some on ebay for a reasonable price and am looking at the big mountain series w/ a slope simulator. Any and all information or thoughts would be appreciated. The end goal is to get into better shape doing something that I enjoy that could possibly allow me to maintain ski conditioning for infrequent trips out west or back to the UP.

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    I've got an s4 big mountain with slope simulator. I use it quite a bit, good way to condition your legs. Buying used is a smart thing, you should be able to get them for 1/3 or so of retail. The one I bought last year looked like it had hardly been used.

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    I've got a World Cup Plyometric trainer with a fixed platform. It's a few years old so the models have changed. When I purchased the machine, I asked the factory if they had any seconds and that is what I bought. The only difference was that it didn't have wheels to roll it around. I didn't care about that feature. I prefer the poles to the bar, but I just talked to someone at Snowmass who prefers the bar setup.

    The frequency of my use has declined over time. I attribute that to laziness and boredom. I find listening to music on Pandora/or iTunes helps with boredom factor during the workout.

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