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Thread: Any swimmers here?

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    Any swimmers here?

    Interested in finding out if there are any ski racers also into competitive swimming. There seems to be a lot of crossover with biking, but not so much in swimming.

    I have been ski racing since age 14 (I am 54)...then I did 1 year in college on the ski team (a "club" team) and then USSA for several years...now pretty much just NASTAR and other open competitions. I swam competitively during the summer for a swim club team from ages 9 to 18, then "retired." Due to some health issues (diagnosed as being "pre" diabetic), I took up swimming for exercise and realized that I could still go pretty fast. I have been in two masters competitions and done surprisingly well in my age category (50-54). I am strictly a sprinter (50 free and breast), no open water swims for me.

    I think the aerobic training has helped my skiing. I busted out an 8 handicap, my best ever, on Sunday...one thing I noticed was that I didn't tire after multiple runs...I'm usually gassed after about the second run.

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    Nope, not a swimmer. I have very poor endurance. I was a diver on scholarship at the University of Florida from 64-66.

    Coach once entered us four divers in the 200 Free relay. I barely made it through my 50 yard leg!
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    My son Sean is a very good swimmer. He has been racing for the Gaylord Gators swim team for 4 years now. He has to practice three nights a week during the winter and has swim meets on the weekends. We have to divide up his time between ski racing and swimming. All the swimming and ski racing keeps him very busy and in great shape for the winter.

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    Yes. I have a 24 yr. old swimmer/skier.

    My daughter swam for UT at Austin for 4 years on scholarship, then stayed another year to train for the Olympic Trials held last July, where she swam 4 of her 5 qualifying events, her best finish was 23rd from a field of 175. She is a Big 12, Div.1, All American Athlete who won the overall female Big 12 Academic Scholarship to Grad School and is currently at U of M in Ann Arbor enrolled in their Educational Psychology Doctoral Program.

    We have had her on skis since she was 3 and in the race courses when ever her coaches were not looking after about age 14, and tried to keep her out of the terrain parks as much as possible, with the idea that injuries would mess up scholarship $$.

    So...... she is now racing in our beer league and has done one of the Nubs Speed series races, and she LOVES it. Has only ever had one 2 hour race clinic but is a natural and has a 22 HC for her lowest this season. She compares the races to a 50 free swim race and says ski racing is the best thing for stress relief and recreational exercise.

    She tells me the muscles used are kind of different though; more quads, less hamstrings, and body positioning is a bit more hunched over in the shoulders for swimming and a more relaxed lower back in skiing. The similarities she reports are that much of the motion originates from the core and that hand placement is key in both sports. Of course there are also the obvious things like they are both done in a spandex speed suit, most short races are won or lost during the start, accelerating out of the turns is very important, and of course an aggressive line and strong finish are also universal in both.

    She now bikes daily, runs often, and does a gym workout weekly, and beats me regularly on the course. I keep her skis tuned and waxed :-) and we have a LOT of fun.

    Congrats to you Skibum58 on your 8 HC, and just keep swimming...........and biking............ and skiing.

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