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Thread: Pace Setter Rules

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    At Ski Sundown, our pacesetters race in the league races, and what we do is mirror what is done at pacesetter's trials. For league racing, there are just two runs and the pacesetter's faster run is use for the actual pacesetter's time per course. If there are two pacesetters running the same course, we use the faster pacesetter's time for pacesetting the course. (This way other league racers can not protest a racing pacesetter's time due to running multiple runs and or the sister course when running a duel set.)

    As a pacesetter, I always ski as fast as I can! I love it!

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    @ NE1.

    You missed my point but I probably didn't explain it well. I am talking about league night when the racers only get two runs, but the psetter also races so he gets his setter runs and his league runs as well. His fastest might be the last skier of the night on run four.

    I wasn't talking about all day general NASTAR where a silver skier gets that "one time" perfect run after practicing all day.

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