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Cinciracer, I am not sure how familiar you are with the 7 Springs course. The first six gates at the trials were on a part of the hill that is as steep or slightly steeper than the Boyne Highland hill (I've skied both in the past month) and then the course get fairly flat. Thus you have the change in pitch you talk about. However, the problem with the 7 Springs course is that if you ski the 1st 6 gates well, you probably will have a low handicap, if you don't you are cooked. Subsequently the handicaps on that course are very inconsistent, racers can easily go from a 10 to a 15 on consecutive runs. This is similar to if you set 6 gates on the steeper (skiers right) section of Tuff Enuff at Perfect North and then finished on the bottom flat section of that slope.

Since 7 Springs was my original home hill, I did really well there and subsequently my pacesetters handicap is -2 to -3 from probably where it would have been if I had ran at Highlands. However, I have always had a low handicaps at 7 Springs, even when they had the course of the front side that AJ called the most gnarly NASTAR daily course he ever ran. So hill familiarity I believe has a more significant impact on handicaps than steepness (assuming you are a competent racer). If I skied the Boyne Highlands hill as much as I have skied 7 Springs, I am confident that my handicap there would be similar..

I sure miss that old "gnarly" course on the front side,........