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Thread: Potential change to State & National Ranking rules

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    You raise some good points about differences in course difficulties. A few years ago someone started a thread discussing instituting a system similar to golf where the course rating/slope are considered when calculating handicaps. The logistics involved would be too much to handle at this point. Maybe as technology continues down the road something can be done.

    Riding on a difficult course won't keep someone from qualifying. As snowboarders, our numbers are still low and no one should have difficulty earning a slot to the Nationals. Hope you can join us at Snowmass. There's a strong possibility that Chris Klug will be back as a pacesetter this year.

    Also, the venue for the snowboard races has changed from Scooper to Blue Grouse which will be a better test.
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    Some people are not running for an attempt to 'win'.
    Eg my hubby mostly runs course to set a line for people following(ME and others) to teach them something...

    He can easily drop more than that - because he is not racing the other runs... He may only do the 'how to go faster' demo later on...

    When we were in Colorado we took lots of people into the course and taught them about NASTAR... many became addicts...

    Assuming everyone that changes handicap massively is gaming or the resort time is wrong is not a useful thing if you want to grow the racing!

    Quote Originally Posted by cinciracer View Post
    When looking at results to include for ranking, please consider going no deeper than the first 3 runs of the day in each separate course/race.

    Folks going from 18 to 8 in 10 runs of the same course artificially lowers handicaps and rankings.

    IMLTHO, If you can't throw A medal class without 4 to 10 shots at the course, you don' t deserve it.

    As for resort, state, national for qualifying, who cares what is used, just require folks to have a ranking in that category, or throw them in an open bracket in 10 year increments to make the ROC and exclude them from racing in medal categories with folks that support Nastar all season long witH 5 or more race days

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