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Thread: live-timing.com at nationals?

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    live-timing.com at nationals?

    Are results, handicaps, times, placings going to be placed on live-timing.com for nationals?

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    It will be a shame if they didn't plan for Live timing at Nationals.
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    Does not look like they are posting to Live-Timing from what I can see. I have a few friends racing and have wanted to follow thier progress but I am not able to. With so many courses going at the same time I guess it could not be done.

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    On the plus side, I see NASTAR has posted the daily results already. Very nice.
    Congrats to all for a good 1st day. Now time to Mach Schnell on day #2.
    Atomic 920 junk carver's 178cm (they hate ice)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfman99 View Post
    On the plus side, I see NASTAR has posted the daily results already.
    Where are you finding the results? I only see results from a pacesetter race on Nastar page.
    Disappointing it is not on live-timing.com. Despite Nastar facebook directing people to the site saying races were on there, they were not (except pacesetter race)

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    Look under the Race Results header on the main menu bar and click on National Championships on the drop down menu. They are all there.

    Sure feels strange not to be there, I have gone to 7 of the last 9 Nationals. I wouldn't have been competitive in the division I qualified in though, so its best I didn't go. Too much to do at home anyway....best of luck to all on Day #2!


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    [QUOTE=offthecouch;28891]Where are you finding the results? QUOTE]

    Use this link to track results by age and gender.

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    I posted it in another thread but again echoing my thanks to NASTAR for posting results quickly. I think it makes a good event great.

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