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Thread: Can someone explain to me....

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    Can someone explain to me....

    In the simplest of terms, how a racer can be in the gold division for racing, yet be racing silver at Nationals?

    Or, how does a racer have two race days, earns three golds on one day and two silvers on the other and end up in the silver category?

    Please, keep it simple for me- I've read how it's supposed to work and I still don't get it!

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    If you have one race day before the qualification date, the best result's medal category from that race day is used to calculate your racer division at Nationals.

    If you have two-four race days prior to the qualification deadline, the second-best race day's best result's medal category determines your Nationals division (this is what you are asking about in question).

    If you have five or more racer days before the qualification deadline, your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best race day's best handicap is averaged, and the resulting number's medal category determines your racer division at Nationals.

    Those are the rules that Nastar has set up. You can refer to the "rules" on the main nastar.com page for more information.

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    Your seeded based on your ranking the final day of qualifications. Any results after that date don't count for seeding at nationals because they have to have a stop date.

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    So reviewing the results of the nationals, I am curious how people in Gold can run both passes at Platinum times and same for Silver guys running Gold times? How is that fair for the others who actually, consistantly run in the right division?

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    Hey Bill, Welcome to the Forum. Your thread has been a point of debate here for years. Ill try to put it as short as I can. Some people do sandbag. They manipulate the system to their benefit. And then, there are actually people who do get better as the year goes on. Even after the cutoff date to qualify for Nationals. By the time they get to National they have moved to the top of their divisions. There have been several suggestions on how to fix this issue but you will have to look through the old posts to find them. Best wishes,Copper
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