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Thread: The AMS thread

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    Jokes arn't really that funny if I have to explain them to you.

    prophylactic - to an older person that means a form of contraceptive, traditionally carried in the wallet.

    viagra - that which enables you to use the above

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    For those of you with interest in this topic, here is a link to the AMS website.... It has a ton of useful information.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckp7600 View Post
    prophylactic - to an older person that means a form of contraceptive, traditionally carried in the wallet.

    That's a definition I haven't heard since High School. But you're right. That's what we called 'em.

    Quote Originally Posted by jclose8 View Post
    I take Viagra every few hours.

    ...just in case.
    Pfizer recently issued a warning for men to not take Viagra with iron pills. It seems many of them found themselves pointing north.......
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    'Biking is a great way to lower your bone density if you don't also do anaerobic weight training." BY Villaski.

    Villa, why would you want to lower your bone density? I have been working to keep or increase my bone density for years. Don't I need strong bones so they won't break when I crash?

    This has to be one of the more amusing threads in the forum......... ;-)

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    TeamHUB, I don't imply a positive concept by using the word "great."

    Just trying to pass along the concept that the marathon types don't have the best fitness for ski racing, especially if they don't do focused anaerobic/plyometric training.

    There are different ways to be in "great shape." Not all of them help you ski better.

    All that said, I will be biking alot here in the next few days (we have three consecutive 60-degree days coming up) to try and improve my aerobic conditioning at the last minute. I'm very concerned about the rapid ascent (as this year I'm going from the airport up to WP directly).

    And I bike heavily in the summer. But I also complement that with weight lifting, drop-jumps, etc.
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    OK I get it, you should probably be alright with your current base of aerobic training to help you adjust.

    Some long easy riding might be good, just don't overdo it. You may feel a bit winded or tired on the first day or night in WP, so make sure you don't go out there being sore to start with because one thing about being unaccustomed to altitude is that you tend to build up more lactic acid in your muscles than you normally would when you just can't get enough O2 into your system. As soon as you acclimate this is usually not the case. This is where extra water is great, a low acid/high fresh fruit and veggie diet is great. Avoid the big steak or whatever and eat a small amount of protein with each meal and each snack. Take it easy the first day, get lots of rest, a hot tub is great just drink an extra bottle of water while you are in it. Go very easy on the alcohol for the first couple days. I did take ginko biloba while I was there. I didn't have any trouble at the top of the mountain on my 3rd day there. And I have never had to use any prescription meds to help with the altitude.

    Hope you are able to not worry too much about all the logistic details and can really relax while you are up there. Have a great time!

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