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Thread: How do you tune?

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    How do you tune?

    How do you tune your skis? Curious how many steps you go through and how often.

    This is really the first year that I have done anything but periodically wax my skis. Last year they got waxed every 3 or so days out.

    This year I bought a kit from racewax and read enough on various internet sites to be mildly dangerous. But this is the process I've been following for every 1-2 trips out

    1) Run my edger tool down the sides of the edges with a diamond stone in it 3 times or so. I do this dry and it seems to work OK
    2) Nylon brush the bases to clean any gunk off
    3) Hot crayon some saucer wax on the bases - incidentally this is my only gripe with saucer wax, because they are round pucks it doesn't work as easily as a brick until you get a ways into the puck. I think when I replenish my supply I'll figure out how to use a hot wire and cut the pucks in half.

    4) Iron the wax
    5) Scrape
    6) polish with white scotchbrite to clean up the scrape marks

    For a while I was brushing the wax, but it seemed to remove more wax than I wanted - 5 hrs of skiing on mn ice seemed to remove enough wax by itself. I've tried crayoning and corking an overlay that I got from saucer as well but didn't really notice any difference so I havn't bothered with that again either.

    Total time spent is 15-30 minutes depending on how many times I get interupted with other things.
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