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Thread: Handicap Ranking Proposal

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    Quote Originally Posted by petedskier View Post
    I agree with the arguments that using a pacesetter and awarding medals after each race is a good way to run the Nastar races. I also understand and have thought about how the system or results can be more consistent. In my case, I do not have any suggestions that would improve the system. However, Nastar data is available. I'd like to see some results. If the original poster could demonstrate how the system should work, not for individual race results, but perhaps for ranking purposes, then "show me the money".
    Here is a post from another thread:


    Quote Originally Posted by Adi View Post
    But the solution is much easier than having this top racers visit gzillion resorts to repace every pacesetter. What would be the point of having national pacesseters race then? ;)

    Floating Current Handicap:

    Let's say that there is a race and the participants are:

    Usian Lightning Bolt handicap 3
    Bode Decent Dude handicap 14
    and Adi Texas Gaper handicap 28

    They set these times:

    Usian 20.48
    Bode 20.64
    Adi 22.33

    Even with only these three racers, handicap calculation should be easy without pacesetters.

    Instead of awarding Usian with another 3 handicap for his really bad performance, you actually punish him for not being fast enough against the other two, and you still reward other two for performing well against the Bolt.

    Here is the calculation:
    Average time: (20.48, 20.64, 22.34) is 21.15
    Average handicap: 15

    Calculated par time: 18.39 (you do the math)

    This race, and New current handicaps (you do the math):

    Usian: 11.36
    Bode: 12.23
    Adi: 21.42

    All these racers keep their previous handicaps for average, state, resort, and national rankings, but they current handicap rolls.

    But then, I understand that NASTAR race is primarily another fun family activity on the slopes, and not serious racers event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racer X View Post
    It's your proposal, you should come up with the reasonable way of awarding the medals.......

    ........and who says the system is broken? I agree that it could use some tweaks in the pacesetter area, but otherwise the system works fine.

    I personally think Great Banana's idea of averaging three years of pacesetter trials results is best - it is do-able without any added work (other than some computuaions by the coputer system, averages inconsistent results over a number of years, and doens't mess with the current set-up

    For that particular racer (in this case, Susie Sunshine), the game (race) is over for them when they've made their last run - they're not racing the rest of the field, they're racing the par time....... and they'd like to get their medal.

    Using your analogy, Is there any other sport that promises the competitor a result when you finish, then says wait until we decide the rules of that day's game before we can tell you how you did?

    Baseball - you've scored 12 runs.... we'll tell you later tonight if that was enough to win
    Basketball - you've scored 86 points... hold on for an hour and we'll let you know if that's enough to win today
    Track - you ran that mile in 6:25, but you're going to have to wait two hours before we can tell you how you did

    etc, etc
    That is funny because it is almost how we do race league scoring. We all take our 2 runs, then a bunch of the local pacesetters and race coaches show up and take multiple runs trying to outdo each other and see who has the fastest time of the group which will determine the pace for the course of the nights races. Sometimes we have a different pace setter for yellow course and another pacesetter's time used for the green course. Just depends on who is fastest.

    It is very fun to watch, but we don't get a handicap when we finish and really do have to wait about 2 hours to see what our handicap and team scores will be.

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