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I agree with the arguments that using a pacesetter and awarding medals after each race is a good way to run the Nastar races. I also understand and have thought about how the system or results can be more consistent. In my case, I do not have any suggestions that would improve the system. However, Nastar data is available. I'd like to see some results. If the original poster could demonstrate how the system should work, not for individual race results, but perhaps for ranking purposes, then "show me the money".
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But the solution is much easier than having this top racers visit gzillion resorts to repace every pacesetter. What would be the point of having national pacesseters race then? ;)

Floating Current Handicap:

Let's say that there is a race and the participants are:

Usian Lightning Bolt handicap 3
Bode Decent Dude handicap 14
and Adi Texas Gaper handicap 28

They set these times:

Usian 20.48
Bode 20.64
Adi 22.33

Even with only these three racers, handicap calculation should be easy without pacesetters.

Instead of awarding Usian with another 3 handicap for his really bad performance, you actually punish him for not being fast enough against the other two, and you still reward other two for performing well against the Bolt.

Here is the calculation:
Average time: (20.48, 20.64, 22.34) is 21.15
Average handicap: 15

Calculated par time: 18.39 (you do the math)

This race, and New current handicaps (you do the math):

Usian: 11.36
Bode: 12.23
Adi: 21.42

All these racers keep their previous handicaps for average, state, resort, and national rankings, but they current handicap rolls.

But then, I understand that NASTAR race is primarily another fun family activity on the slopes, and not serious racers event.