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Thread: Family Open --- What, at Boyne

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    Family Open --- What, at Boyne

    Am I the only one that had no idea Boyne was hosting a family challenge last weekend. I stop by this website quite often and don't remeber seeing anything about it. Was it posted ? Bummer, I was not too far away, could have stopped by had I known

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    I would check that if I were you, it probably was just a Boyne event, not a Nastar event. Nastar usually has publicity for Family Challenges. Boyne did sponsor a Nastar Family Challenge last year, maybe the resort decided to host its own this year.

    The only one I have seen mentioned as an official Nastar event is the one at Nationals this year. I could be wrong, but that is the way it seems to me.


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    What is a "Family Open" anyway?
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    The Family Opens have been framed around a one-day event (of Daily NASTAR & Prizes) where NASTAR brings a former USST star to the resort to set pace, hang out with the participants and market the program.

    Last year we met Caroline "Liner" LaLive at Beaver Creek. She did 2-3, one-day events in Colorado last winter. Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and one other resort.

    That's my 2 cents.........
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    Perfect north had kaylin Richardson last year and it was a 2 day event. 2 separate sessions each day, so 4 total races. It was a blast, I was able to team with my kids. They used the best 2 of our teams results. only charged regular nastar participation rate, no incremental race fee. I think cuties paid for kaylin to be there.

    First day at nat's last year, same thing. The kids and I were a team, I think as a family we went like top-40, so no where near the podium, but I like the family team aspect. Brings another mini comp to the program.

    They score it based on highest average medal points, not time. So a 5 yr old can compete and beat a 28 year old in theory.

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    It sounds like they are lots of fun and could be very insightful....that's why I was disappointed in the lack of announcements.......with all the talk of low turn out affecting the viability of events, shouldn't things be promoted as much as possible.....I don't think it was even announced on this web site

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