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Thread: Final Day of a great season

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    Final Day of a great season

    I awoke to a cold drizzle this morning but managed to drag myself out of bed and to the mountain. It was closing day to the 2010-11 season. The parking lot was virtually empty at 9:30 in the morning. I turned in my uniform and met with the race director. Speculation is that we'll be moving our NASTAR course to a different slope right at the base area next season.

    I needed to retrieve some personal items from the start shack so I hopped on my softboot snowboard. The Long Trail Brewery had given me a nice Nitro board with the Long Trail logo on it but I hadn't ridden it in a couple of years. It was eerie walking to the lift. Not a soul around. The lone liftie came out and waved at me as I hopped on the chair. I rode to the top without seeing a single skier or boarder. From there I traversed to the Northstar lift, a high speed quad to the summit. It crisscrossed Chief, one of the best race trails anywhere. Below me was a wide untracked expanse of perfectly groomed deep hero snow and not a soul to be seen. When I finally got to the summit I spotted a group of five skiers just setting out for a trail called World Cup.

    I opted for a long cruiser called Jolly Green and rediscovered riding switch. I then started doing spinning 360s on the board until I got dizzy. I carved the lower half of the trail and worked my way over to Lower Blackout, our NASTAR trail. There was still plenty of snow but most of the timing equipment had already been taken away for the summer.

    I retrieved my possessions and made one last run back down to the base lodge, again not seeing a single skier or rider. There's enough snow for a couple more weeks of operations but mindsets have already turned to golf and the numbers certainly don't support extending operations. I drove slowly back to my condo sad that the season has ended and reflecting on what a terrific season it has been.

    Hope all of you enjoyed this season as much as I did.
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    Nice post Pat. I had a great season myself and I'm glad I got a chance to race with you. See you next year.

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