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Thread: Okemo NASTAR schedule for balance of the season

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    Okemo NASTAR schedule for balance of the season

    Weather permitting here's the schedule for Okemo's NASTAR program for the balance of the season:

    Saturday, March 12. There is a private Hopefuls kids race at 10. They are generally done by 11:30. Their coaches set the courses and I won't have time to do a reset since I'll be working alone. A ski club will have the course exclusively at 1:00 but there are only 20 of them so it won't take long. The course closes at 2 pm.

    Sunday, March 13. One private race at 10 am again with only about 20 racers. I'm hoping be can have uninterrupted public NASTAR from 11 - 2.

    Saturday, March 19 and Sunday March 20. Open 10 - 2. I'll set one course with ski gates and one with snowboard gates or stubbies. Skiers are welcome to run the snowboard course if they like.

    That will be it for our season as I leave for Winter Park on Tuesday the 22nd. Thanks to everyone who came and ran gates at Okemo this year!
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    I hope to be there your last weekend.

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