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Thread: Snowboard ski gate handicap modification query

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    Question Snowboard ski gate handicap modification query

    So I've been looking at results and I've noticed when good snowboarders visit resorts that have snowboard gates available (Okemo for example) their handicaps plummet.

    I know we have the snowboarder -1 modification (yes that's a joke in itself but that's another thread) but I wonder if there should be an additional modification for running ski gates vs snowboard gates. The times seem to support this idea.

    At my home course, Paoli Peaks, we have a tough* NASTAR course that uses ski gates.

    As an aside any pointers on running a course with ski gates? Running across the gates with ones body does is not pleasurable and makes it difficult to maintain balance! :D
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    Pointers For Running A Course With Ski Gates:

    1) Don't go near the gates. Especially with your face.

    2) If you must go near the gates (i.e. the skiers have worn deep ruts along the best line), wear some kind of body armor. Forearm gate bashers work best. Just be careful of your hands.

    3) Try to ignore the skiers lines and take bigger turns, even if it means slower times.

    4) Don't go near the gates.

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    get low. at hv, we routinely run 2ft deep 2ft wide ruts late season. get low, it allows you to turn faster and lean farther down. not to mention improved balance and faster speed :)

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