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Thread: Racing disrupted by stuck chairlift

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    Racing disrupted by stuck chairlift

    Our NASTAR race league made MSNBC.com last night. Here's the link to the story.

    We got to Mt. Southington west of Hartford, CT to discover that the new triple chair was shut down so we had to hop on the adjacent double chair. I made my first run and was getting ready to go back up to paceset the other course (we have a racer from yellow paceset green and vice versa). Just as I was getting on that lift, it shut down. There was one remaining chairlift to the left that I had never ridden before so I took that. When I got to the top I noticed the middle chair still wasn't moving. As it turns out it never moved for the rest of the night. It took more than an hour to get all the folks down. Although it was chilly, there was no wind and I believe workers were able to get blankets up to many of them while awaiting their turn to descend. More than a dozen of our league racers never got to make a single run. Ironically, the first chair reopened in time for me to make my second race run.

    The mountain personnel worked as hard as they could to get everyone down quickly. I felt bad for the racers huddling to stay warm but certainly wouldn't have traded places. A friend who is coming off rib injury was the last one taken down. He is eight hours younger than I am and over the past few years we've been pretty evenly matched. Last week I got him him 0.03 and 0.06. We were devouring pizza and suds while the poor guy was trying to stay warm on the lift.

    The mountain issued a free pass to everyone who was stuck and the race captains decided to extend the season by one extra night.

    Meanwhile I'm looking out back at very heavy snowfall from today's storm. Another major snow/ice storm is predicted for tomorrow.....
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    Yikes!! I saw the story on the news, Lift Evacuations are no fun.

    My kids and I spent 3.5 hours stuck on the former triple chair, now replaced by the Swift-Current High Speed Quad at Big Sky. The girls were 6 and 8 yrs old at the time, so this was 15 yrs ago. The temps were in the low teens and the wind was howling. The cable jumped the Bull Wheel and had to be re-seated. For our trouble, we got a 1/2 coupon for next time.

    Needless to say, it was a painfully memorable experience.
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    I was at that race and sooo glad that I was not stuck on the chair! My poor toes could not have stood the cold. It got down to 9 degrees.

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    I was on a lift once in Europe that was (or at least seemed to me to be) 400-500 feet above a ravine. I spent the whole ride hoping that we didn't get stuck. The lift from the lot up to the ski area at Sunshine is another unusually high one.

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