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Thread: Family Challenge questions Boyne Mt Feb 5&6

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    Family Challenge questions Boyne Mt Feb 5&6

    What is the format for the family challenge at Boyne Mt on Feb 5 and 6 -
    do we race Sat and winners move on to race Sun or is it all done in one day ?
    What day will race clinic be held?

    FYI - Boyne mt did not have the NASTAR course open during the week between Christmas and New Years - was told it was not a "priority" if NASTAR is not a priority maybe the family challenge should be moved to Nubs Nob which did have NASTAR open that week

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    Quote Originally Posted by benvar View Post
    FYI - Boyne mt did not have the NASTAR course open during the week between Christmas and New Years - was told it was not a "priority"
    Unfortunate, but no suprise. Unlike Boyne Highlands, where John Medicine does a great job with the NASTAR course and program, the Mountain has never made NASTAR much of a priority. From moving the course to the far edge of the resort, to not having much protection on the course for the snow guns in close proximity to it, they haven't seemed to take much interest in NASTAR in recent years. My guess is with the amount of time they put into their Boyne Flyers junior race program, they just don't have the interest or manpower to do much with NASTAR.

    The suprise (at least to me) is that with it being the home hill of Cary Adgate, one of the top racers to ever come out of this part of the world, and with him being the "director of skiing" you'd think they would take more interest in promoting recreational ski racing . The girls and I used to do NASTAR there all the time, but it's not even on our radar screen anymore. If they didn't have MACC, I'd never even go there anymore - Nubs and the Highlands are only 45 minutes further away, and you always know you can do NASTAR at either one.

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    This doesn't have anything to do with Boyne, but I have to say that Chestnut Mountain seems to have a renewed commitment to Nastar this year. Maybe because the team took 3rd at the Nationals, and they are hosting a Family Challenge January 29th. There are a lot of families of good racers at Chestnut, I hope they all participate. The resort has new racing equipment, new start wand, eye, and finally a laptop in the shack. And the pacesetters went to trials this year for the first time in awhile and the racing results are more accurate then the past two years. There is a general feeling of excitement and commitment this year at the resort, which is great to see.

    Its nice to see the resort Nastar program getting more attention and financial support from management. I found a long lost cousin on the slopes to compete in the Family Challenge with so I am looking forward to it.


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