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Thread: Any Sports Psychologists On the Forum?

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    Those "old guys" didn't develop stamina or low handicaps by quitting in their 40's. My point is that in 10 or 20 or 30 years you can be skiing better than you do now if you focus on improving your skiing over a longer time horizon, not getting frustrated and giving up.[/b]
    Agreed - I am a better skier (and racer) now, at 51, than I was at 41.


    Took lots of desire, hard work, practice, race training, coaching, time in the gates, and time free skiing, perfecting technique.

    Keep in mind that most likely, you won't get better skiiing only 4-5 times a winter, and only running NASTAR 3 or 4 times a season.

    Nothing is more true than the old joke: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

    And the Winston Churchill saying (posted on my office bulletin board) .........Never, never, never, never give up.

    Cliches, yes. But they are true.

    Desire, Practice, and Time - keys to success in any endeavour.
    If you win, but in so doing, lose the respect of your competitors, you've not won anything at all - Paul Elvestrom - 4 time Danish Olympic gold medalist in Sailing

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    Very true RacerX. I would like to add a cliche: Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Going out and doing the same thing (making the same mistakes) will get you nowhere. You have to make changes to improve....good ones, that is. You can do that either by taking lessons, or by watching what others (better than you) are doing and mimicing it. The former will usually get you there a lot faster. Mainly because you don't always LOOK like you FEEL. So when you THINK you are in a nice tuck, and angulating...well, unless there is someone there telling you that you aren't, or until you see pictures/video of yourself, you'll keep doing the same thing...wondering why you aren't faster...and why a 12 year old is beating you... :mrgreen:
    I drink, therefore I am!

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    From the description of the Beaver Creek course, it seems that it is quite similar to Seven Springs' course. I know when I race my dad, he beats me out of the start, but I catch him at the bottom where its flat. (because he doesn't tuck right.) My times and HCs keep fluctuating this season. BTW, IN.racer, BEAT THE LOCAL KIDS!!!, not happening!! Some kids, run the adults right over and I've had my share of fun...

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    I love the Austin Baker angle here because I have had the personal experience of being smoked by this kid. A few years back I was at Beaver Creek waiting in line for Nastar. In one starting gate was Austin (he must have been about 9 years old), in the other gate was a young ski instructor who looked like he knew his way around a race course. Austin Asked the instructor if he wanted to race. The instructor replied he would only race if Austin gave him several gates. I do not recall exactly but I think Austin gave the instructor a 5 gate head start and it was still close at the finish. This got my attention, I have watched Austin a few other times since and been amazed. Last December I was again at Beaver Creek just waiting for their Nastar to open for the season. They finally opened on December 22nd (the last ski day of my trip) and I could not wait to race. I sign up, pay my fee and slide into the start line. I get to the start gate and get ready for my run, I look to my left and see that Austin is in the other starting gate. Great, my first Nastar run of the season and I have to go against Austin Baker. In my mind I told myself that I was not really racing against him, that he was in another league and that I should just concentrate and do my best. That thought lasted about 2 seconds. We both left the start about the same time and after 5 or 6 gates I was right with him. Anyone familiar with the Beaver Creek course will know that the top is fairly flat, but things pick up after about 8 gates. As soon as there is a little more pitch he is gone and at the finish I am 5 or 6 gates back (I was about 36sec. he was about 31). Smoked by a 12 year old. I would say that I want another shot at him now that I have had 8 race days and 45 results (a record for me and the season in not done yet) but my guess is that Austin already has 200 - 300 runs and he is just getting warmed up.

    Is he the best 12 year old in the country? Who knows, but he has plenty of talent and can probably take most of the Nastar world.[/b]
    Saw Austin last week at the J4 Junior Olympics where he had some great results/podium finishes against some very stiff competition. He's still skiing fast!

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