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Thread: Sandbagging

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    I think the main point of this discussion was consistancy and not running out of podium awards for the kids, which would be unacceptable in any sport.[/b]

    Its completely inexcusable to give out prizes to some winners and not others! I heard of a couple winners receiving coupons for nice prizes?? What's up with that?? Didn't they give out Saucer Wax at Friday's raffle? Nastar knows exactly how many 1st place finishers they will have and need to plan accordingly. The same goes for 2nd & 3rd place finishers. Consistency is key! There is no division more deserving of prizes than another. It probably means more to the kids, but again, equality is key.

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    :evil: Yes, I do KNOW of some winners getting a pair of the heated pig gloves. My 3 children took 2 firsts and a third and received a 3 pack of saucer wax, a ski strap that used to be throw out to competitors and the other got nothing at all! I did happen to notice that the VIP room was well furnished. It is a tremendous money maker for Nastar and any host hill that has it. It's all about sponsership andI believe that some of the VIP atheletes surely could have drummed up some with a few calls. It's just a big old cash cow.

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    Okay, I see your point. And I want to make sure you know that I am not just trying to be argumentative (even though it may be percieved that way).

    What I don't understand is whether everyone gets it that what Nastar gives away (for your entry fee) is the goodies bag at registration and the medals. All the freebie stuff comes from sponsors. When the economy is down, sponsors just aren't there to give things away. So, Nastar is upholding their end. Everyone that won a medal got one, right?

    I do agree, however, (and sorry that I didn't acknowledge this point earlier) that it most likely wasn't the best course of action to start giving away stuff to the kids if they didn't have enough for all the kids. The stuff that "some" kids got should have been given away via tossing into the crowd, or pulling names out of a hat, or first place only...something like that.

    While I don't think that any of the kids "deserve" something other that a medal, recognition, and praise for getting on the podium, I can certainly see the "it's not fair" perspective.

    I just got sick of the gimme/whiny attitude the forum has taken on lately. I got caught up in it. Sorry, TeamHub... Again, while my comments weren't directed at you, you seem to be the only one defending the "kids freebies" thing, and it may have seemed that way. Let's hope the economy turns around in the next year...somewhat.... maybe the consistancy can come back.
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