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Thread: 2005 Nationals

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    Originally posted by skidad
    ...I understand the desire for an east coast site, but in order to get a sufficent amount of qualifying time in the race has to be in late season and east coast snow is just not reliable enough to not only support decent race conditions, but all the general skiing that goes on with the rest of the family over several days.
    The time of year would certainly limit the selection and date. A late March date at either Whiteface or Sugarloaf should be possible but, ski dad has a point - there would be less open terrain for free skiing. (Personally, I'd like to see it at the end of January, so we could show them some "Eastern hardpack" :twisted: :lol: ) I certainly understand the financial pressure to hold it out west; you are going to get more people to shell out $ to ski Utah or Summit county than ski late spring in New England.

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    I just noticed that Easter falls real early again this year. Do you think we could have an Easter Nationals again this year. Sure would help on number of days kids had to be out of school

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