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Thread: View out the back yard

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    They are majestic aren't they? They have been nesting along the Potomack river (MD, VA, WV, and DC) for some years now. One day, while walking down my driveway, I saw a bird flying high above. I could tell right away it wasn't a buzzard or vulture, thought it was a hawk... til the sun came out and his white head was clear as day! That was only the second time I've seen one flying around my property (in 6 years). Makes you feel special when you see one... or 2 in your case RacerX!
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    OK, here's one you don't see every day. My wife took this pic out our back door last week.

    No kidding. Those are two real bald eagles - one mature, one immature (the brown one is the young immature one) they were hunting for ducks on the ice out back of our house on the Detroit River and decided to take a break in our neighbor's tree.

    Now that's something you don't see every day in the lower 48.[/b]
    Nice Pics X! We had one perch in our tree last spring. Our neighbor got a pretty good shot (pic) of it. I'll have to see if I can get her to send it to me. We have them fly over about every other day in the summer. The are beautiful creatures. I have seen them before at the zoo so I knew how big they were but my wife and kids finally got to see them up close. We actually bought the kids binoculars for Christmas to watch them when they fly out over the river.
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    If I seen that in my backyard we would be having a nice dinner[/b]
    Around here in the winter that signals that you could become dinner. Wherever you see deer, the mountain lions aren't too far behind. Plenty of people in Boulder have walked out the back door to either a big furry tail hanging in front of their face or a munched on deer in their yard. A number of people have lost dogs and cats to mountain lions too.

    I nearly hit a whole herd of elk in RMNP one night on the way to Grand Lake in summer. I was going fast and then I thought 'the elk move to higher elevation during summer'. I slowed down, came around a corner, and there was the herd.

    For those of you coming to NASTAR Nationals in March, there's a warning sign for moose at the bottom of Berthoud Pass on the Winter Park side. It was put there for a reason. :)

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