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Thread: Who's going?

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    I really enjoy coming out on top but only if the results are achieved fairly.[/b]
    Pat, I didn't see the thread you were speaking of. I would hope no one would be referring to you when it comes to sandbagging. If someone would read any of your posts they would know you would never sandbag or think of it. Your post is respected but I hope you know you never have to explain your actions to your friends and fellow forum mates. I think I can speak from all of us when I say we would never suspect anything but the best intentions from you. You skied/boarded a regional event with what would keep most of us on the couch.

    Rest up that knee. I look forward to seeing you at Nationals!

    Go hard or get outta my way.

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    bmorecopper, I think he is refering to another thread that mentioned (amoung other things) a disgust towards obvious sandbagging, but not at all pointing towards Pat.

    Also, Pat is defending himself because earlier in this thread (I believe it is this one) he mentioned that because of certain circumstances, he was in the Gold division, but didn't believe he should be there. He was planning on asking HQ to bump him up to Platinum for Nationals because he felt it would be unfair to the other Golds. He met some opposers here who thought that he ought to race in Gold if that is what he accomplished, but Pat was obviously talking about the reverse of sandbagging, and just wanted to make sure that all was fair. I think he just wanted to revive this thread to reiterate how he felt about sandbagging and that that is not what he was doing (being in the Gold division when he knows that isn't where he should be...for the fairness of competition).
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