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Thread: Many Ski Team Racer Retiring

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    Many Olympians retiring now that the 2010 Olympics are over, but more from the U. S. ski team than any other winter sport. Good bye, Bode, Steve, Ted...

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    Ted Ligety is only about 25, if I remember correctly. I heard on NBC that he planned to race in Sochi. I sure hope he is not thinking of retiring, he is too good and has a lot of good years of ski racing left in him. I am a big fan.

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    Yeah, some of those guys seem to be retiring young, but then again, it IS a rough sport. However, you also have guys like Bode and the Didier's who are up in their thirties...especially Didier Cuche.
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    ..especially Didier Cuche.[/b]
    Yeah... Didier Cuche is the awesome skier, especially in his 35. Sorry, he didn't get such an anticipated medal. Men's GS looked to me mostly like NASTAR course, simple flat SG with less than a dozen real GS turns. (IMHO) That's why Ted didn't get any advantage and Hirscher as well...

    Good luck to all US skiers for the rest of this season!
    Lindsey with 3rd overall World Cup, Ted with GS Cup, more podiums for Julia, Bode, Andrew and other guys and girls!

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