Start Technique

Mental thoughts & imagery focused on in the start? on the course?, type of start - kick start vs. pole start?, kick start height 1' 2' 3' etc.?; range of number of skating steps in GS? in SL? - how do you decide to when to stop skating?, impact of start ramp angle / start ramp length / direction of first gate relative to starting wand? i.e. if the first gate is 45 degrees from the starting wand, do you turn your skis 45 degrees in the start to face the first gate or is it faster to kick start perpendicular to starting wand?)

I think that it was great that you took time to go to Aspen Middle School with Hailey Duke & Felicia Byers to answer questions on 11/25/08. What was your favorite question(s) that was asked by the students?