Hey NASTAR Racers:

Tonight at 9 PM EST, we'll have the opportunity to participate in a web Q & A with US Ski Team Ambassador - Steven Nyman.

He will be coming to us on-line from Norway!

Please use the following guidelines to assist Steve with our on-line Q & A session.
  • Open a thread and pose some questions that you'd like to ask of Steve.
  • Please be sensitive to Steve and to all other members on the Forum.
  • I'd ask that you limit your questions to 3 or 4 (max) so that we do not "bury" our guest with too much detail to attempt to answer at one time.
  • As with Jimmy Cochran last week, Steven will provide on-line responses to your questions.
Please be patient as he will respond to each question, but some responses take time.

I suspect this session will last 60-90 minutes, dependent upon Steve's time. It's a 3AM start for him!

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you all on-line tonight.

The Bear