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Thread: Huge Loss to our Forum

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    I agree with your last part because I have seen similar to this also. The first part is a little dramatic. There are people how will progress to maybe a VERY GOOD silver skier and that's it (THINK TERMINAL INTERMEDIATE, or that wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend that will ski with you but will not just ‚Δςget into it‚Δτ like you) - So unless a silver/bronze skier wins a division with a gold or platinum H/C I'd disagree with the first part.[/b]
    Why don't you just put together an outline of how it would work best for you personally to get a gold medal at nationals every year? (or your kids, or wife.. or whatever prompted your silly little campaign) Maybe Nastar would be willing to GIVE you an honorary gold medal every year? A free jacket??? What exactly do you feel you are entitled to? That's what you remind me of... a teenager with an attitude of entitlement. I guess I don't know, but I assumed you were an adult???

    You are against "sandbaggers," but you don't want the winners to move up a level from season to season? I highly doubt that you really have any supporters of your plan, but you sure aren't going to gain any by continually contradicting yourself.

    Obviously you have a personal agenda.. I'm not sure what it is, but you say that Nastar is unwilling to change and won't listen, when in fact the handicap charts, scoring, national qualifications, divisions and many other things are evaluated and improved upon every year, based on (probably) hundreds of hours of data analysis, as well as constructive input from racers. In fact, results are evaluated and adjusted continually throughout the season!

    If you have a serious gripe, and can back it up with an example of a systemic problem, rather than one or two coincidental anomalies, then explain the problem and suggest a reasonable solution. If you just want to complain about how life isn't fair, and threaten everyone with frivolous lawsuits, then I think your time is done here. You have spoken your mind. Goodbye.

    (sorry Pat)

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    Most of us will never win a Nastar Nationals medal but we can strive for that next level of competition (Silver to Gold and Gold to Platinum)
    Don, it is true that "Most" will not win a Nastar Nationals Medal, but what is not understood is that "Many" will indeed win a Nastar Nationals Medal.

    There are a total of 23 Male age groups and 23 Female age groups for a total of 46 age groups.

    Then there are 3 separate divisions -- Platinum, Gold and Silver at the Nationals.

    Then there are 3 medals per age group, per division, which works out to 46 X 3 X 3 = 414 Nastar National Medals awarded to about 1300 racers. This means that about one out of every 3 participants will get a Nastar National Medal.

    Additionally, none of the above math even includes Snowboard, Telemark or Disabled Skiers, which are included in the 1300 racers that attended the 2007 Competition.

    Do I think this is bad? Oh heck NO. The human mind like to have it's ego stroked, and getting a Nastar National Medal allows that to occur. Additionally, the more people that get stuff, the happier the crowd -- hence, the Nastar Nationals are a good thing, because it seriously promotes ski racing at the beginning level.

    BTW, I do like your suggestions to mandatory upgrade in class once you medal, but as you know, it does not and cannot prevent any sandbagging on an annual basis. If someone wants to sandbag for a year -- they will be able to do so.

    It will be interesting to see what it is exactly that RUSH wants to fix, because, if he wants to fix sandbagging on an annual basis -- he will fail. BTW, if he wants to fix sandbagging on an annual basis, it is actually quite easy -- do away with the different classes and have everyone race in the Platinum division.

    Of course this would not be good for Nastar, and it would discourage the increased and growing popularity of Nastar Racing.


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    As a plat. racer it would appear that I am misclassified. If I were to ski at nationals it would seem that I would be lucky to win a gold medal. There are 12 guys faster than me at Buck Hill, 21 guys faster in Ski Challenge, 14 guys faster in the state of MN.. My 13.42 ave. in ski challenge league would turn into a 25?. 3s, turn into 17s, at nationals. I put my daughter on my GS skis at the end of the season and she went from a 20 to 16. Would I be a sandbagger if I raced on salom skis, wore a coat all year, became a Gold, went to nationals and got a top 3 finish? I am not interested in doing this only pointing out this would appear my only chance to have a chance. Note, that I have noticed low single handicap skiers are more consistant with poor course conditions, steeps, blind gates, long courses etc... The low single guys I race with have paid a price in work that I have not paid and perhaps have more gift. I can't compete with them so I compete against myself. $2.00 a run, for timing, course setting, pace setting so I can see my own improvement that is a great buy. I will continue to enjoy NASTAR and even though on Buck Hill I am a true 12 will never see myself as a national competitor ( too many 50-54 males beat me every race). I love to race it is just plain fun. Why can't it stay fun-expensive fun-yes, but fun. Enjoy the nationals if you go but winning will always depend on who shows up. Just my two cents.

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    Anyone as passionate about something as Gary is to Racing..........well, I guess this was bound to happen. I like the the really passionate people, whether they are right or worng, whether you like them or not, they are the ones that always get me exicted about something good or sometimes bad. I like(d) Gary in relation to Nastar and seeked him out at previous Nastar events. His clinics were good, informative and always lively, probably not for everyone, but great for us!
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    Response moved to "Improving Nastar Thread."


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