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Thread: 2007 - After action report

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    Good Morning Gang,

    I actually remember that post, Ron. There was not one argument against having the Nationals on the East that could be squashed. If anyone finds that thread, "bump" it up. That was a great debate.

    Bumping the start date up wether we have an East or West Coast Nationals will definitely improve the odds to have more favorable conditions. Just keep in mind we were spoiled this year by late season weather here on the East.

    Hey Pat, have the gods at Okemo start lobbying now for Nationals in 09

    Go hard or get outta my way.

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    East coast! Yes Yes, Yes!!! My vote is for Whiteface. :-P
    - Allen

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    Bring it over here, HQ! ( I'm not sure if it is up to you WHO is bidding, but if you haven't entertained the reality of it.......). If what Ron is saying is true, the turnout from the eastcoasters may even be greater if airfare is cheaper/non-existent. (And those from the SB/PC area would just have to flip the bill that we have been doing.)
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    I'm strictly speaking of Whiteface / Lake Placid

    Buried somewhere in our forum archives from some 4 or 5 years ago was a thread I had started about an
    East Coast Nationals. Our detractor's & their anti-east arguments were dispensed of really quick-
    They couldn't handle the skier traffic:
    Okemo, Killington, Mt. Snow (Haystack), Stowe, Sugarbush, Smugglers Notch, Jay Peak, Whiteface, Gore, Stratton, etc,
    etc, etc, all have trail/lift configurations that would work- BETTER THAN ANYTHING AT PC OR SB.[/b]
    We would only need one lift (out of 10) and 3 trails (out of 76 ) to run 6 venues

    [collor=#4169E1]Their lodging couldn't handle the amount of people: [/color]
    Be real, - they all have enough lodging to accommodate 3000 guests.[/b]
    We had the 1980 winter Olympics and the number of rooms have probable doubled since then.

    Too difficult to get to... huh, these detractors have got to be nuts.
    They are all within 2 hrs of Burlington Airport, Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA , 3 hrs of Logan, and under 4 hrs to JFK, Laguardia, & Newark- 4 of largest hubs in the country. None of these are any worse than Denver to Steamboat was.[/b]
    2 hours from Montreal & Burlington 3 hours from Albany & Syracuse , most have connector flights to Lake Clear 30 minutes from Lake Placid

    Snow quality-
    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I'll take Vt. or NY for racing ANY time of year! In late March, Utah and
    Colorado have just flat out sucked. There is no arguing this.[/b]
    When asked just before the nationals, one of our well healed junkies who used to frequent the nationals, if he was going he said "why spend all that money on the trip when the skiing is better here"

    2000' is 2000' is 2000', whether it's in Co or NY. The base or summit elevation has shown to be no advantage in
    race course quality. "Well, you're at 8000' at SB".. who cares. It means absolutely nothing to a race course. The
    snow quality has stunk at PC and at SB for 5 years. I'm still waiting to see what all the hooplah's about.[/b]
    Our verticle is 3,430 feet 80 feet shy of SB and 300 feet more then PC

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    Who said anything about cheating? Lets stick to the issues.

    I said we had fun. I also said that the hill and course were inappropriate for the type of racers that Nastar attracts given what should be expected for spring conditions. This wasn't a FIS race. This wasn't a USSA race. Get off your high horse. This was NASTAR.

    In addition to my kid, there were a couple others from our team - kids that race USSA on a very competitive circuit and do quite well. Of these three kids, two fell on two of their runs, and one fell on three of his runs. These were kids who each fell no more than once or twice during the regular racing season. That says a lot to me about the appropriateness of the courses for the conditions and the age of the kids racing on them.

    Again, we had fun. The pagentry was a blast, and the steamboat and NASTAR folks were great. But if I'm going to spend several thousand bucks to attends a race, I don't think it it too much to ask that the courses be appropriate for the age and skill levels of the racers that they know are coming. Saying "suck it up, it is Nationals" misses the point compleyely.[/b]
    Maybe that is what alot of people are trying to say and you did it perfectly!

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