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Thread: Lost in space: counterbend v. crossover?

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    Books to Come :-)

    (Darn those modernists - as soon as we learn one technique, we must forget it to learn another. Maybe we should have a book called \"Zen and the Art of Skiing?\" )
    Yes and . . .

    Grist for the Hill
    The never ending "Ski" Story
    The Inner Game of Ski Racing
    Carlos Casteneda's - A Seperate Reality, A Racer's way of Knowledge
    Steinbeck's little known- Of Snowboarders and Men :lol:
    and finally Skiodor Doesgjdski's - Crime and Ski Racing

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    Oct 2003
    Happy Birthday! And, congrats on moving up to a new level.
    Do something fun to celebrate. :lol:

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    Re: Just one foot rather than Javelin

    Originally posted by Skiodor

    Hey, I turned 50 today! Im a Mens 6 next season, cant wait!!! I get
    away from Bill Skinner for a whole season :D

    Happy Birthday. Maybe we'll be visited by someone named "50andFaster" :wink:

    Thanks for the invite. I won't be out at PC, though. :( Have a beer for me.

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