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Thread: Why not photos of racing?

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    Why not photos of racing?

    I think a good way to advertise NASTAR as well as give participants something to go home with and reason to return (even if you dont win a medal) is a photo. There are photographers all over every mountain taking random pics, there is usually one posted at the top of every lift, why not have a photographer assigned to the NASTAR race courses and have the pics available for purchase online? Some of the better ones could be put on a daily page on the NASTAR website for all to see. I dont have one single picture of me racing and would sure love to, but I can't get anyone to sit there and wait to take photos of me as I go up and down, nor can I blame them.
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    Another great idea. Well said.

    Expand it to video, too, and you'd really have something for us race hacks to buy.............. over and over :shock: .

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    I video taped my son's first Nastar race when he was five. I skied backward next to the course for his entire first run. This is somthing I will always enjoy. I'm sure alot of people would love pictures or video's of their races. This would be a good way for someone at your local area to make some extra money.

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    Good idea

    I think it's a great idea. We were contemplating a video feed from the NASTAR course to a TV in the base lodge.
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    That is a WICKED idea!

    I know it is a huge hit with triathlon/cycling/running races world wide. Why not ski racing? Brilliant!
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