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Thread: A few questions concerning Nationals

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    A few questions concerning Nationals

    I will be coming as many of you already know and I have a couple of questions.

    I have a tool box, it is medium sized, like the one you carry around with all my tuning equipment in it. Can this be checked at the Airport, or not. I know that suck things as files and all can not be carried on the plane, but can they be checked. It consist of wax, iron, vises, brushes, base and egde bevel files, screw driver and all that good stuff, so what do you think about this?

    I remember some one mentioned that some of the shops will have ski tuning with an overnight turn around period. Would this be a bad thing to do. I dont really trust other people with my skis, especially at a time like this, also if I where to do that, is it a race tune, or what. Will they use high performane wax, and all of that good stuff?

    My last question is what kind of wax will be good. I know weather is hard to forecast, but lets just say for the time of the year what do you all think the conditions will be like. Thanks

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    Tool/tuning kits can be checked no problem - last year, I packed mine in a bag with a bunch of miscellaneous ski stuff - jackets, gloves, etc, and it made it through no problem.

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